Hair Quiz: Test Your hair knowledge?

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Common Hair Problems..?


Oily/Greasy Hair

 Split Ends

Frizzy Hair

Dry, Brittle Hair

Gray Hair

Importance of Hair..?

Hair plays very important role  on our Body. It keeps us warm by preserving heat.

Hair on each part have different roles such as:

Hair in our Ears, Nose, and around our eyes: Helps to protects these areas of the body from dust and other foreign particles.

Hairs on Eyebrows and eyelashes: Helps to  protect our eyes by decreasing the amount of light and dust particles that go into them.

Body Hairs: Help to provide warmth and protects our skin.

To have proper hair knowledge is very important. As it will always help you to understand small thing like why you loosing hairs.?Which Vitamin you should eat more.?What you should not do to have proper healthy hair..? and many more questions.

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