10 Amazing height Increasing food

In today’s Era height is a great concern for us. Every person wants a taller height, but most of the people are worried about their how to grow height. As the height is totally concerned with genes but external factors like healthy foods and diets are also played important role in increasing height. Followings are some regular height increasing food which are easily available to us.

10 Height Increasing food

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Height increasing food

1. Yogurt

As we know yogurt is good for body health and plays a vital role in digestion it helps in increasing height as well. It is loaded with wide range of vitamins and proteins and contains Vitamin E, D, B and A, which helps in increasing height. 2 Cups of yogurt is recommended daily for better results.

2. Oatmeals

Oatmeal is also a perfect food for optimum growth of body and bones enriched with high proteins and fibres, which helps in increasing body height. Add up 50 Grams of oatmeal in your daily breakfast for favourable result.

3. Spinach

Spinach is an easily available food and also a great source of iron which helps to gain height and healthy bones. It is enriched with essential vitamins and provide better nutrition to body and helps to gain body height. You should add spinach in your diet to have better results.

4. Carrot

Carrot is also a good food which helps in increasing height loaded with vitamin A and C. It helps to provide healthy nutrition to body and strengthening bones. It play important role to preserves calcium in bones.

5. Milk

As we know milk is a good source of calcium and loaded with vitamins and nutrients which play important role in building body cells. Milk is helpful to obtain maximum body height. Better to take 2-3 glasses of milk for wonderful result.

6. Eggs

A cheap and better source to gain body height enriched with high protein that helps in optimum growth of body. Eggs contains Calcium, vitamin D, Riboflavin and vitamin B2 helps to strengthen the bones. It is advised to take 3-4 egg white per day.

7. Soyabean

Soybeans are also includes in foods that increases height fast and naturally. It contains Vitamins, fibres and carbohydrates which helps to gain body height and also proteins helps in building muscle mass. Consumption of 50-55 grams soybeans daily is advised to have better results.


Most of the people know that banana is good for gaining weight but it also helps in increasing body height. Banana contains rich nutrients like manganese, potassium and calcium which provide strength to bones. Add up 2-3 bananas in your daily diet.


Nuts are helpful in the formation of tissues and enriched with high nutrients and vitamins which improvise your hormones and leads to gain body height. So consumption of nuts are good in daily routine to maximize your height growth.


Fish like tuna, salmon are great source of vitamin D and proteins. As vitamin D play important role in the absorption of calcium  from calcium-rich food and necessary for the growth of body height, so having fish in your diet is good for your height growth.

So, these are the height increasing food. Always remember only diet is not sufficient for increasing your height, other factor like good sleep, exercise may also required for the growth of height. For more amazing daily Tips follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. And do leave your comment below and share it with your friends, Thank You.

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