Holi Skin care tips & Hair care tips

Holi, the festival of colors. Everyone enjoy playing with various colors. But we all worry about our skin and hair. And somewhere we restrict our self. We all remember playing with colors while we are kids. As we grown up we suffer from so many skin and hair problems. So, we get more conscious about holi colors and about there side effects on skin and hair. However, there’s no denying that most Holi colors these days are made using chemicals that can damage your hair and skin to a great extent. These chemicals could turn out to be extremely dangerous and might penetrate the top layers of your skin, causing rashes and acne breakouts. Hence, it is importance to take proper care of your hair and skin before you head out to play Holi.


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Holi skin care tips and Hair care tips

Down below I mentioned few pre and post Holi Skin care tips & Holi hair Hair care tips.

Holi skin care tips

When these holi color directly comes in contact with your skin, doesn’t matter what your skin type is; Your skin badly get effected. You might not notice side effects of colors instantly. But it can give you acne breakouts or any skin reactions if you haven’t taken proper care of your skin.

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Holi Skin Care Tips (Pre and Post Skin Care)

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

Pre holi skin care is more important. You can prevent many skin problems. Such as dryness,acne breakouts, skin rashes and many more. Before playing with colors you must keep these few things in your mind.

1. Apply Sunscreen

Apply a good sunscreen of SPF 30, 20 minutes before going out in sun. Direct sun exposure can tan your skin.

2. Apply Moisturizer

If you already have dry skin than first apply a good sunscreen. Than wait for few minutes and than apply moisturizer. You can also use some moisturizer which contains SPF 30. Few such products are available in our market.

3.Apply some oil

Apply some almond oil or coconut oil on your body just before heading out for holi celebration. Almond and coconut oil will nourishes your skin and create a protective barrier between your skin and colors.

4.For nails

Apply clear base coat or any nail polish on nails. So that your nails won’t get colored with those holi colors directly.

5.For Lips

Apply Vaseline or your favorite lip balm to your lips.

6.Water proof Makeup

Use only water proof makeup products for skin. Cause you also wanna look beautiful in picture and create some good memories of holi.

7.Keep your energy up

We all easily get dehydrated  while playing with colors. So, it is very important to keep drinking water, juices , some glucose or energy drinks.


After playing with harsh colors , than the next most important thing one have to do is getting rid of colors from skin. Removal of colours after playing Holi is the most tedious job. Down below I mentioned few post care.

1.Avoid soaps

Most of soaps will make your skin and face dry. Because they are alkaline in nature.

2.Don’t scrub skin

Do not scrub a lot for just removing color from skin or face. Use mild exfoliator or bath salts (in a small quantity). And you can use loofahs gently on skin.

3.Gently rinse your face

Rinse your face with plain water , than use cleansing cream or lotion on face. And than wipe it with wet towel or wet cotton pad.

4.Use oil for eyes

Use baby oil around eyes, it will gently remove colors around eyes. Don’t scrub, just dap and wipe gently.

5.Try some homemade remedies

Try some ubtan, using curd, turmeric, honey and besanYou can also use aloe vera cream to cleanse. It moisturizes your skin and fights against infection.

6.For itchiness

If there is itching, add two tablespoons vinegar to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. This helps to reduce itching. However, if the itching continues, and there is rash, redness or any other allergic reaction, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Holi Hair care tips

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Holi Hair Care Tips (Pre and Post Hair Care)


Dry and wet colors of Holi contain harmful toxins that can make your hair dry and frizzy. You need to take extra care of your hair so that this festival of colours does not take away the natural oil from your hair and damage the hair shaft.

1.Hair oil massage

Before you step out to play Holi, it is very important to apply a good coconut based hair oil over the length of your hair as well as massage your scalp thoroughly. You can use any other hair oil of your choice like jojoba and castor oil mixed together work well too. The oil will act as a protective covering layer to your hair.

2.Use Lemon

Before applying the hair oil, add few drops of lemon to the oil if you have sensitive scalp or dandruff in your hair. The lemon acts as a barrier, help in keeping the toxins from the colors from damaging your hair.

3.Use Leave-on Conditioner or Hair serum

If you don’t like using hair oil, you can apply leave-on conditioner or hair serum on hair before playing Holi. Take very little, spread on both palms and massage light into the hair. It will help to clean your hair easily when you wash off the colors.

4.Use hair cream

You can also go for a hair cream containing sunscreen which is easily available in the markets. This protects the hair from the effects of sun exposure and dryness caused by colours.

5.Cover your hair or braid them

Those who have long hair should braid it or tie it up in a ponytail or make a bun, so that not all the hair gets exposed to the color stains.

6.Wear scarf or cap

If you have short hair, you should wear a cap, scarf or cover your hair with a bandana. This will protect your hair from all the colors loaded with chemicals. If possible wear a plastic shower cap under your cap.

7.Don’t use any accessories

Don’t use any hair accessories while playing with colours because when the hair gets wet, it becomes weak from the roots and the accessories pull it off.


Post care is more important in case of hairs. Down below I mentioned few post care for hair .

1.Brush your dry hair

After playing with dry colours, brush your hair well. Doing this will take out most of the colour while brushing only (It works only in dry colours.)

2.Rinse out hair gently

For wet colours, first rinse hair thoroughly with ‘cold water’ as it removes the colours easily. Use mild natural cleansing shampoos or baby shampoos as they are gentle and free of chemicals. Don’t try to massage shampoo harshly to take off the colour in one go. It may take few days to take it out completely. Don’t brush your hair while hairs are wet.

3.Use hydrating conditioner

After a hair wash, apply a thick layer of intense conditioning or a serum all over the length of your hair. (Don’t apply the conditioner to your scalp.)

4.Don’t use blow drier

Avoid blow drying after wash on Holi, let your hair dry up naturally. Even if you are using blow drier use cold air or mild hot air.


So, these are some simple and effective Holi skin care tips and Hair care tips u can follow.Hope u enjoy the festival of colors.

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