15 Foods for Healthy Hair

Some people are blessed with healthy hair by birth some attain this by developing good hair care regime and having best food for health hair.Do you desire to have healthy hairs..?Always remember due to lifestyle changes environmental factors and dietary  intake hair tends to loose its strength and its healthy look .Hair may become dull and frizzy. Conditioning and oiling may improve the texture of your hair but a good diet intake can make great difference. A balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals for your hair will ensure healthy looking hairs. Here are some daily simple foods you can start eating to have healthy hairs.

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Simple Foods for Healthy hairs.

Start eating this 15 foods and you will definitely see the change in your hair growth and other issues related to hairs.


eggs,hairs,hair growth,boiled eggs,best food for hair
Eggs for hairs Growth

As eggs are rich in vitamin B7 (Biotin) which increases our hair growth.Biotin deficiency leads to hair loss, discoloration and thinning of hair.Since your hair is made up of protein and eggs are rich in protein too they also contain sulfur which helps in production of collagen.


carrots, healthy hair, food for healthy hair
Carrots for healthy hair

Beta-carotene protects your hair from dryness and thinning by causing your scalp to produce sebum which is necessary for keeping hair healthy and shiny. Carrots, pumpkins, mangoes and muskmelons all few fruits and vegetables which contain Beta-Carotene all those are best food for healthy hair.


spinach, healthy hair, best food for health hair
Spinach for hair growth

Popeye’s favorite vegetable spinach is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, iron  and Omega 3-fatty acids all of these are in prevention of hair loss it is also rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which help in promoting hair growth. It production of oil in your scalp and therefore help in increasing the growth of your hair.Therefore it is considered as one of the food for healthy hair


salmon, healthy hair, food for healthy hair
Salmon for healthy hair growth

Omega-3 fatty acids have great importance in hair growth they are powerful anti-
inflammatory and in addition it also combats hair loss . As Salmon is only
food that aids in processing of insulin in body since in women, insulin
resistance causes hair loss.


oats, healthy food , food for healthy hair
Oats for healthy hair

Iron, zinc, fibre & omega-3 which are best for hair health all are present in oats. All of these are beneficial for hair these make your hair look lush, shiny and healthy.Try eating oats in the breakfast as it is one of the healthy choice to start the day.


lean meat, food for healthy hair
lean meat for healthy hair

As our hair is made up of protein so we need a sufficient amount of protein in our diet so that our hair look healthy and shiny. Lean meat also contains zinc, vitamin B iron and other minerals that maintain the healthy scalp. Go for chicken or mutton.


sweet potato,food for hair,food for healthy hair
Sweet potato for healthy scalp

Adding sweet potatoes in your diet will turbocharge your hair health.The pink, orange and yellow varieties are one of the most concentrated food sources of Beta-carotene (the more intense colour the more Beta-carotene).When consumed beta-carotene gets converted into Vitamin A which helps to fight dull hair and scalp.


sunflower seeds, food for healthy hair
Sunflower seeds for healthy hair

They  are packed with vitamins, zinc, folate, iron, nutrients necessary for hair health and its intense colour. It is a good source of selenium too. So, undoubtedly sunflower seeds are best food for healthy hair adding to that Vitamin B6 also helps the body to produce melanin which is responsible for hair colour.


cinnamon, food for health hair
Cinnamon for hair growth

As cinnamon improves the blood flow of whole body including scalp thus aids in delivering maximum oxygen to the roots of hair. Sprinkle this spice on your toast or add it to your coffee or tea.It is one of the best spice you can use for healthy hair.


lentils,food for health hair
Lentils for healthy hair

Since lentils are  filled with zinc, folate, iron, biotin, proteins. Our body needs folic acid to maintain red blood cells as these red blood cells are carrier of oxygen in the body which is necessary for healthy hair and skin. Include lentils in your diet 3-4 times a week.


barley, food for healthy hair
Barley for healthy hair

It is an excellent source of vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant that absorbs harmful UV rays. Vitamin E also help in repairing sun damage to the scalp which causes hair loss and hair thinning. To keep a healthy scalp start eating barley foods.


vitamin c, oranges, food for healthy hair
Orange for healthy hair

Oranges, lemons, grape fruits these are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for the production of collagen that makes the capillaries strong that connect to the hair shafts therefore ensuring regular supply of nutrients and quick hair growth.


oysters,food for hair, best food for hair
Oysters for Shiny hair

Low production of hormone androgen may cause hair loss or dandruff. Since,Oysters are rich in zinc it helps in the production of androgen and further helps in healthy ans shiny hairs therefore making is one of the best food for hair growth.They also help to keep hair, nails and eyes healthy.


bell peppers, food healthy hair,best food for hairs
Bell peppers for healthy hair

All colors of bell peppers are rich in vitamin C which ensures sufficient oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Therefore it  also helps in collagen formation,prevent hair breakage and promotes hair growth. This also makes bell peppers one of the best food for healthy hair.


shrimp,best food for health hair,food for hair
Shrimp for healthy hair

Shrimps are great option if you have dull hair and scalp. As they are fully loaded with zinc,vitamin B12 and iron which ultimately fights hair loss,prevent breakage and restores hair shine which makes it “food for healthy hair“.

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