15 Best foods for weight loss

Every person wants to look presentable and always needs good comments on their presence. Remember guys nothing is impossible but try being motivated and self-loving as reducing weight needs patience. Few changes like having proper diet, proper timing of having food , keeping yourself hydrated will surely help you in reducing weight no matter how busy your schedule is. Consistency is the key to weight loss once you lose your weight stick to that diet and routine to keep up that shape. Below here I have mentioned some best foods for weight loss which will help you in your weight loss journey.


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1.Oat Meal

Oats is rich in fiber in addition to this it releases carbohydrate, therefore a bowl of oat meal 3 hours before breakfast will help you to burn more fat. Slow release carbohydrate will not shoot your blood glucose level in comparison to foods having refined carbohydrates such as white toast therefore your insulin level will not raise and low-level of insulin may help you to burn fat.

2.Leafy Vegetables

All the veggies having green leaves work as green signal for weight loss. Leafy veggies are full of fiber and have really low-calorie content furthermore it has all the nutrients, vitamins and also calcium in it, calcium would help in fat burning. Spinach, kale, collard, Swiss chard and few of them included in this category.

3.Beans and Legumes

Red beans, White beans, kidney beans, Lentils, Black beans these are rich in protein and fiber adding these to your diet will lead to satiety (feeling of fullness). Use these legumes by properly cooking them to stomach upset.Beans also tend to contain some resistant starch.

4.Whole Eggs

Eggs are packed with all the nutrients that you need on a  weight loss diet in addition to this eggs are fully loaded with protein therefore you will feel full with low amount of calories.Studies say that egg in breakfast enhance weight loss when combined with an energy deficit diet but does not include weight loss in free-living condition.(1)


Best to add to your diet plan for weight loss. Fishes good for weight loss are wild salmon, Oysters,pacific cod and Light canned tuna. This have all important nutrients and good fat in them too which is extremely good for your health.Which makes it one of the best foods for weight loss.


Walnuts lowers the bad cholesterol and increases your good cholesterol this will help you to lose weight. Furthermore this is really good for your cardiac (heart) health. A handful of walnuts in evening is the best supper you can have.Including 30 grams walnuts/day in an individualized diet produced weight loss and positive changes in food choice.(2)


Ginger will make you feel satiated (feeling of fullness) which will decrease your food consumption. Boil one cup of water after removing it from the flame add a slice of ginger to it for 5 minutes add few drops of lemon this drink will surely work for your weight loss. As I have mentioned few drops of lemon because excess of lemon is not good for daily use.


One of the precious gift from our nature.Drinking water in certain way will help you to lose weight, glass of water before meal will make you feel full and you will eat less portion.Furthermore a glass of warm water with a spoon of honey added to it and few drops of lemon once daily in morning this will help you to lose weight rapidly.

9.Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are full of antioxidants and they promote fat burn in your body. You can add flax seeds to your diet by adding to whole grain pan cakes, oatmeal. It’s also one of the main sources of omega-3 fatty acids and lignan, which may ease your effort to drop excess pounds.

10.Grape Fruit

Eating half of grape fruit before every meal can surely leads to lose a pound within a week. Grape fruit is one of the best foods for weight loss.This fruit is filled with fibers and it also has a compound that lowers the fat storage hormone insulin which in turn can lead to weight loss.Furthermore it is filled with protein and its 90% water so it make you feel satiated (feeling of fullness) ultimately you will eat less.

Note:If you are on medicines do ask your physician about adding grape fruit in your diet as this has some interactions with certain medicines.

11. Honey

Being sweet in nature honey has some benefits to your  external health and internal health too. Honey with cinnamon powder will boost your metabolism and burns fat.  A spoon full of honey in warm water daily in morning will surely cut your weight and cuts your belly fat. You can replace white sugar with honey in your diet this will be a healthy change too.

12. Chili pepper

They have a compound naming capsaicin which have the tendency to burn fat. Chili pepper will make you feel fuller which leads to reduced appetite. Adding chili pepper to your food will also helps you to cut weight.Therefore it is one of the best spice for weight loss.(3)


They are one of the best foods for weight loss.Being good in taste they also provide enough energy to our body.Nuts are rich in dietary fiber and has a wide range of nutrients.They will make your stomach heavy which will ultimately stops you from adding junk food to your diet.So, from now onward have a jar full of nuts in your cabinet and this will definitely help you to lose weight.(4)


As we all know Coffee have caffeine in it which helps in burning fat and increases the metabolism , this will also help you to cut you appetite , coffee twice a day will surely make a difference to your weight.

 15.Green Tea

This miraculous drink will help you look slimmer and gradually vanishes your belly fat. Yes, green tea is filled with anti-oxidants that helps in reducing inflammation, reducing weight and providing you energy too. Furthermore adding a slice of lemon or orange in it will enhances its antioxidant activity.

Note:Always take green tea in full stomach it may cause heart burn in empty stomach.


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