15 Natural Hair Growth Tricks How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long and thick hair are desire of many women but sometimes the growth of hair doesn’t go well. Your salon lady cut your hair very short and you want to grow them long really soon without using any chemicals? How to make your hair grow faster? So, you are on the right track. Make hair grow faster by using these hair growth tips.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster..?

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Here we mentioned some really effective tricks which will make your hair growth faster than any chemical.You will never have the doubt again for the question how to make your hair grow faster.

1.Scalp massage

Do scalp massage daily for a quick hair growth. By massaging your scalp it will increase the blood circulation and make hair growth faster. You can massage your scalp with bare fingertips. No oil is needed.

2.Trim your hair

Go to a salon and trim your hair once every three months because it will cut split ends and it will make your hair grow faster. For proper hair growth you need to avoid the problem of split ends as they make so many troubles for hair and make them look bad too.

3.Avoid over hair wash

A good shampoo and conditioner is what your hair need, but using too much of these products can harm the hair and make hair growth very slow. Using shampoo to wash hair everyday causes hair to dry and loss of essential oils, which are necessary for hair growth.

4.Don’t brush so many times

 Do brush your hair for only 5 to 10 minutes not more than that. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp and remove natural oils which is not so good. Brush your hair gently and specially care them when hair is wet, otherwise you face hair fall and lesser growth.

5.Natural hair packs

 Hair packs are as necessary as face packs. What you need is just to find out that one suitable hair pack for your hair and apply it once a week or twice a month. Natural hair packs are way too better than market one’s. It’s a bit messy but are super great for natural hair growth.

6.Drink water

 Water is really good for your entire body as it removes all the toxins from body and make it function properly. Your hair too needed the hydration which will be easily provided by drinking eight glass of water a day for natural hair growth.

7.Do not towel wrap

Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel as when you wash your hair they are wet and are very fragile and are most likely to break. Towel wrap makes your hair a little stretchy which result in hair fall. Do pat hair with a cotton cloth until it gets dry.

8.Low your stress level

Taking care of hair properly, do all the things for hair growth but doesn’t see any result then there is only one reason and that is stress. High stress is a main cause of hair fall and it will result in lower hair growth. So, don’t over stress about anything and be patient.

9.Maintain healthy diet

 Eat foods like leafy vegetables, been, seeds, fish, chicken, eggs. They all are good source of nutrition. If you take good amount of nutrition it will shown on your hair and body. Do also eat fruits and vegetables which are known for protein as hair are mostly made of protein and it will make hair grow faster. Start eating this super foods for healthy hairs.

10.Hot oil massage

 Take the oil of your choice or which suited you best. Heat it a little and massage it on your scalp with fingertips. Hot oil massage improves the blood circulation in the scalp and nourishes. It helps hair follicles to create strong locks, which will help in natural hair growth.

11.Don’t tie hair too tightly

 If you like high ponytails than one thing is sure that you are making a mistake of tie your hair too tightly. It is advisable to not tie your hair too tightly as it stretches hair and make them weak, which tends to make hair growth slow.This one is a easy hack for your question how to make your hair grow faster.

12.Change pillow cases

Don’t use cotton pillow covers to sleep as they soak the essential oils from your scalp and make them dry. Instead of cotton pillow covers use silk pillow covers as it is smoother and causes less friction.

13.Do cold water rinse at the end

 This really helps in hair growth. It will close the open pores and which means hair are locked in. It will help to prevent moisture loss and heat damage. Just rinse your hair with cold water in the end of every wash.

14.Condition your hair

 When you use any hair treatment or style your hair with hot irons, Curling tools and so on, your hair losses it’s moisture and make them dull and lifeless. To cover the damage just condition your hair when you wash your hair. Conditioning will some how cover the damage and make hair grow faster.

15.Don’t colour your hair too often

 Now a days every person love to colour their hair. But in the trend of colouring the hair, they forgot that it will harm the hair and make them lifeless which tends to lower the growth. So, colour your hair but don’t do this too often as it harm the scalp too.

Do try these tricks and look after some time that your hair grow like a wow and also the texture will get improved.

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  1. Krisha says:

    This was such a informative post. Loved reading and all the tips are great.

  2. Charu says:

    Really no towel wrap? May be that is what I have been wrong till date. 👍

  3. Helpful, considering I have curly hair which generally shrinks up, it always seems like I have short hair. A little length will always look better

  4. poornima m reddy says:

    Very much need for me.. I have done hair straightening and i face lot of this issues.. Now i see what i doing wrong

  5. Ishieta says:

    love the tips! I am going to try out hair pack – haven’t triedthat yet. any recommendation?

    1. Roshni Parate says:

      Crush Avocado and a make a thick paste than add coconut oil in it.This hair pack is very good. You can use avocado powder also.

  6. Jhilmil says:

    Awesome, I love to follow so many tips out of these to have a healthy hair.

  7. Trimming your hair is really important for a good hair care and long hairs as well coz it gets rid of the split ends.

  8. Varsh says:

    Such simple hacks which can boost hair growth naturally. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Frankly speaking colouring your hair makes its most damage and I can feel that and once u get white roots again you feel going bald sometimes. But I will follow ur tips n try to retrieve my natural hair

  10. Mrinal says:

    I have really fragile and dry hair that break easily! Will surely try all your tips! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  11. Humaira says:

    Very interesting post. These tips are useful and beneficial for hair growth. Great thought.

  12. Jinal says:

    Happiness I S a key. No stress, good eating helps loads

  13. Papri Ganguly says:

    Absolutely agree with your points. But never knew that Towel wrap can be harmful for our hair

  14. Mala says:

    You have shared some amazing tips for faster hair growth.. I will try to implement them all for better results. Thank you for sharing these tips

  15. Amrita Basu (Misra) says:

    Not colouring too much and hot oil therapy helps a lot.
    Good post.

  16. jinal says:

    Wow so nice explained the dept of hair growth thank u so much very much helpful

  17. compras usa says:

    Good post! Thanks!!

  18. Hair is one of the important components in human life to enhance one’s beauty and complexion. so everyone wants healthy, shine and long hair just like celebs. Thanks for sharing this ultimate tips. I love your content.

  19. B says:

    Hi what natural product can a person use to darken grey hair and allergy free in South Africa , tried coffee, tried coconut oil and lemon juice

  20. Ele says:

    Very nice information given by you.. have tried onion juice and experienced that its a very true fact that it helps in hair growth. But could you plz share personally which is the best remedy experienced by you. I feel protien intake in diet also do wonders.. is it true?

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