Top 20 Healthy and Best Foods for Healthy skin

Are you annoyed of getting acne or other skin problem? Don’t worry there are 30 to 40 percent of women facing same problem as you. Can you avoid it..? Answers is yes why not. Start eating a healthy diet and always remember “A healthy outside starts from the inside”. Try to incorporate the following 10 foods for healthy skin in your diet which can help you get a clear skin and also help you in achieving the skin you wanted from long time.So lets start with the topic foods for healthy skin.

Healthy Foods for clear and glowing skin

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Best Foods for Healthy Skin


Here are top 20 foods for healthy skin you need for glowing and clear skin.


It is delicious cure for skin as eating chocolate in limited quantity can be a best choice. As Cocoa hydrates your skin and makes it more supple. Chocolate contains anti-aging antioxidant called flavonoids which protect your skin from UV rays it also helps to prevent wrinkles and skin discolorations. For maximum Flavonol content eat chocolate which contains at least 70 percent cocoa. Limited eating of chocolate each day can improve luminosity.There are many more Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin.


Walnuts should be consumed each day to improve your complexion’s texture of skin as it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which improves elasticity of skin on other hand Brazil nut is a leading source of Selenium which is also important as it actively increase the number of infection fighting white blood cells in body.

3.Green Tea

People who drink green tea daily have more elastic and smooth skin. It also helps to prevent sun damage from U-V light. As it is very high in antioxidant, one named EGCG, Green tea will improve your skin and boost your beauty. You may find Green tea extract in many cosmetic Product, but why not go straight to the source by drinking it.Green tea is also used topically on skin as green tea face pack.


If you don’t eat this food you must start eating Oysters. As Oysters are rich source of Zinc and many other vitamins. Oysters are also good source of essential nutrients like vitamins A, E, and C, iron,  calcium, selenium, and vitamin B12. Zinc is one of the main and important mineral which helps to clear acne. While Selenium avoids wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals and skin damaging compounds.

5.Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the easy to get food and less expensive. It contains calcium and protein from which calcium helps you to maintain those beautiful teeth and protein helps your skin to become more firmer. Eat one serving daily to make your complexion smoother and apply “Yogurt instant smoothing gel” to keep your dry and sensitive skin good.


This rich, slippery and creamy green fruit is also considered as one of the best fruit to keep your skin look best. As it is the great source of Vitamin E, which boost up your skin’s Vitality and luminosity. Avocado will help you to increase your good cholesterol level. Avocado oil usually stimulate the production of collagen in the skin which will improve your skin tone and texture.


Eating carrot on regular basis can give you a glowing skin. As carrot contain Carotenoid which will add a yellow tone in the skin. This will give you a complexion that is also rated as looking healthier. It also has many benefits like it improves eyesight, maintains good digestive health and prevents heart disease.

8.Oat meal

Oats are one of the best and inexpensive food you can eat it is a better option for breakfast over bagel and jelly. Steel cut oat meal is less processed than other varieties of oats so it has more vitamins. it keeps your blood sugar stable as it takes longer time to break down in your body .oats are also skin healing clear the skin, reduces stress. It contains protein, biotin, vitamins, magnesium and potassium. Instead of adding brown sugar you can add natural sweetness to your oatmeal with chopped fruits.

9.Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato are a super packed food as it contains beta-carotene an antioxidant that fights again main reason saying potato as best food is that it has vitamin packed complex carbohydrates which release sugar slowly over time. It converts to vitamin A when it is digested helping circulation of oxygen to the skin.

10. Salmon

Eating salmon few times a week will help you to keep your skin supple and moisturized. Salmon contains two key minerals that one is Omega 3 fatty acid and other is selenium. Selenium will protect your skin from sun exposure which ultimately leads to healthy skin.

11.Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin in all is a super food this seeds are one of the nutritious seeds you can eat. They are rich source of iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Biotin, Omega 3, Fatty acid and Vitamin E. Eat ¼ cup a day and it will help you to keep your skin clear, hairs and nails stronger. Always eat raw and organic pumpkin seed instead of roasted. You can just sprinkle handful of pumpkin seeds over your salad and you are ready to eat.


Berries contain the high level of anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins. They slow down the process of ageing. Berries are rich in vitamin C, which keeps skin strong and firm. Add a half cup to your yoghurt or cereal every day or add it to your breakfast.


Tomatoes are full of vitamin C, lycopene, beta-carotene which will help you get glowing effect on your skin. It also rejuvenates skin, promote cellular growth.Eating Tomato daily will help to  control excess oil production which will ultimately reduces acne. There are many more Tomatoes benefits for hair and health.

14.Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans have the high amount of antioxidants. They have very strong anti-ageing properties that promote longevity and limit cell damage. Kidney beans are rich with zinc, which plays an important role in dealing with acne. It maintains the activities of sebaceous glands. This way it helps in promoting healthy and glowing skin.


Eggs are famous for there high protein level, which plays an important role in generating new skin cells. For example, Collagen and elastin play important role in maintaining muscle tone. Vitamin D, vitamin A balances gene activity, which is necessary for new cell growth. It also controls the growth of keratinocytes. These are protein-rich cells which makes topmost layers of skin.This is one of the daily foods for healthy skin.


Green vegetables are a good source of vitamin C, which plays an important role in collagen formation. It has great anti-ageing properties. Broccoli also has potential to fight with UV rays. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it is rich with anti-oxidants. Proper intake of broccoli will provide you younger and glowing skin.There are many Broccoli Benefits for hair and health also.


Flaxseeds are rich with Omega 3 fatty acids. These are best known for there good anti-inflammatory levels. Regular intake of flaxseeds is very beneficial for dry skin. Flaxseed oil also works as a good moisturizer. You can use flaxseed powder with yoghurt for exfoliation. It helps in controlling acne also. Eating 1-2 tablespoon of milled flaxseed daily will help you for achieving healthy skin.

18. Spinach

Spinach is very effective for fighting early signs of ageing. It also helps in achieving acne free skin. Just blend spinach with some water and apply this paste-like consistency mask for 20 minutes. It reduces blemishes, dark circles and post-acne scars also. Spinach is a good source of iron, which plays an important role is our skin tone. Deficiency of iron can lead to anaemia. You can add few drops of lemon with spinach. It will enhance its taste also and its nutritious value also. Its a great combo.


Kale is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. These antioxidants help in slowing down the process of ageing. A glass of kale juice daily before sleeping will show a great change in your skin. It also prevents body form a lot of diseases. Kale detoxifies the body and hence provides a healthy glow to the skin.


Essentials fats found is sardine play a key role in decreasing skin inflammation and making your skin look more beautiful. Sardines also contain selenium which helps to neutralize free radicals helping you to get healthy skin. All this qualities also make sardines one of the best fish foods for healthy skin.

I hope this article foods for healthy skin will help you. Start including this foods in your diet and to have Healthy and glowing skin.

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