10 Summer Makeup Tips

Every girl loves doing makeup but it becomes difficult for girls to wear makeup in summer without melting it. Summers are beautiful but to keep your makeup in place is a bit difficult. But not to worry about this because we are here with some amazing summer makeup tips which will help you to keep the makeup in the right place for a longer time.

10 Summer Makeup Tips

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Summer Makeup Tips

1. Primer is must

By using a primer we prepare our skin for the makeup. Primer cover the pores and don’t allow foundation to set in the pores. So invest in a good primer and start your makeup.

2. Kickstart with a proper base

By this we mean that if your base is not correct then your entire look will go wrong. So to apply a proper base just dab it with the help of a beauty blender or any other tool and make sure it blended well.

3. Light is Right

Always remember that summer are meant to be light whether it’s clothes or makeup. Do light weighted makeup and doesn’t go over with it. Keep it as minimum as possible.

4. Say no to Shimmer

In summer season everything look so good but the extra shiny or artificial shine on face is not going to look good. So avoid the shimmer and shimmery products for the makeup. Go for a matte look instead.

5. Powder Blush is a big No

In the hot summers you want your makeup not to smudge but if you are using a powder blush then sorry it’s going to be smudged. Yes powder blushes becomes cakey in hot summer. Stains and cream blushes are good for staying. So, go for the stains.

6. Colour your world

When you are wearing a cool top or dress or you carry a fancy crush in vibrant colour then why not this can be done with your makeup? Yes add some colours in your makeup. Try by doing one part of your face. It could be blush or eye shadow or the lipstick.

7. No shine just Glow

In summer our T-zone gets so oily and it shine like a bulb in the sun. So to remove this just dab some tissue paper or blotting paper and eliminate the shine. It just leave the glow and remove the bad shine of oil from the skin.

8. Swap out thick lipstick

This summer avoid the heavy matte lipstick for the lips instead of this try the new trend the stains. They are lightweight and give a good coverage. You can also apply a lip balm on that to moisturize the lips without the worry of stain transfer.

9. Keep your handy stuff in Purse

Summer are meant to be travel free. Light clothes, floral prints and the photographs. Next time when you travel in summer take small sized makeup in your purse to look great in pictures like compact, lipsticks, bloating papers and mist.

10. Set your makeup with Mist

Mist helps in setting your makeup, it tightens the pores, freshes the skin and give a cooling feel on the skin. It helps the makeup to not to smudge and keep it in the place.

 11. Less is more

During hot summer sometimes “Less is always more”. Means you can just apply lightweight foundation, waterproof eyeliner and lipstick and you are good to go. But keep that in mind that your foundation should contain SPF. Or else apply sunscreen first.

12. Use only water and sweat proof products

This is the most important part, always use waterproof and sweatproof products, especially during summer. Because during summer we may need a splash of water on face or sweat is definitely gonna be a big problem. And you don’t wanna roam having a clown face. So being on a safer side always use sweatproof and waterproof products.

13. Nude makeup looks

You want makeup but don’t wanna play so much with makeup. Than this makeup look is for you. Don’t do proper contour or highlights. Use most of the earthy tones on the face. This is very supple look which goes with almost every outfit.

So these tips are really effective and are a great way to start your summer and look flawless. It summer makeup tips will help you to glow in the sun.
Follow these simple summer makeup tips and protect your skin from the harsh rays and heat of the sun. This will enhance the beauty of your skin too.

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  1. Khushboo M says:

    I like to keep my summer makeup very light and try to avoid foundation. I prefer CC creams as they don’t feel too heavy. Loved your tips 🙂

  2. Sangeeta G says:

    Light is definitely the way to go for summers. No one wants to feel greasy in this heat.

  3. Snehalata says:

    Very true i also want to know sweat smudges my make up, so can u suggest me what shd i apply so that my make up stays

  4. Jhilmil says:

    Great tips, I love to keep it as light and natural as possible in summers. And shimmer is a big no to me. Loved these tips.

  5. Khadija says:

    I so agree with the tip less is more. And primers does magic

  6. These are really fab makeup tips. I actually habe said no to foundations this summer and sticking to concealers on areas required. Its working great.

  7. Bushra Khan says:

    I love the idea of having nude makeup during summers! and yes light is always right! the lesser you wear the lesser you worry about the makeup running down your face!

  8. Minakshi Bajpai says:

    Primer is must for summer days. True that less is more.

  9. Prerna Sinha says:

    For summers it’स perfect.. keeping the make up subtle and amazing

  10. I prefer bold lips and natural face makeup for summer..

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