15 Summer Skin Care Tips You Must Follow

Summer and good skin sound like a myth but is not. In summer our skin get through so many things like tan, sun burn, sweat etc. To protect our skin we have to take care of it.

We have made it easy for you.Follow some easy summer skin care tips and protect your skin from any kind of damage. Last but not the least enjoy summer having healthy skin.

Summer Skin Care Tips You Must Follow

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Summer Skin Care Tips

1.Don’t over Wash

The heat of summer often brings the desire to get your skin squeaky clean but over use of anything is not good. Some type of harsh chemicals present in face washes can make your skin look dull rather than clean. So, avoid washing face so many times.


You may think that winters are over now so no need to buy and applying a moisturizer. But your are wrong, moisturizing is an essential part of any beauty regime. Look for a moisturizer which suits your skin type.


For any beauty regime or treatment to work on your skin it needs to be clean. To clean the skin you need to exfoliate it 3 times a week. Use a exfoliator with mild particles and gently scrub your face.


It is very essential in summers to hydrate your skin while you are out in the sun. Keep a face mist with you and spray whenever you feel like. It really helps. You can also spray some rose water to hydrate your skin.


In summer the most important tip or part of the day is to apply a sunscreen to protect our skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. These rays can damage our skin from inside as well as from the outside. So never step out in sun before applying sunscreen.

6.Aloe Vera

In summer aloe vera turn to be our helper. It soothes the sunburn, give our skin cooling effect, help us to remove the tan and do many things. Keep the aloe vera handy in the gel form and whenever you feel like any burn just apply the gel on it.

7.Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is all you need to follow this summer. The proper mix of fruits, vegetable and nuts keep your skin healthy. Eat some boiled vegetables in morning it will keep your stomach happy in summer.

8.Summer Glow

Everyone like to glow in the harsh summer but getting that glow on skin seems difficult. You just have to do is take some ice and gently rub it on the skin for a few minutes. After that follow your routine. It will make your skin glow.

9.Eat water rich Fruits

In summer our skin get dehydrated very soon. To keep the skin hydrated we have to keep the level of ph balanced. For this you just need to eat fruits which are rich in water like water melons and melons. There are many Fruits for glowing skin you should start eating.

10.Soothe over exposed Skin

Sometimes one forget to apply sunscreen and get a sunburn. To soothe the sunburn just apply a ice cube on it and wait for some time. Cover ice cube with a cloth. Do this for some time and see the results.

11.Repair and treat Sun Damage

Now a days tanned body are in trend but it damage our skin ao badly. To treat them first take care of the tan area and make sure to wear a sunscreen every time you go out. Spray some rose water every now and then.

12.Treat your skin with Natural Remedies

Summers are always good to treat your skin with the goodness with some natural remedies. When ever you get tan or want to give cooling effect on the skin try home remedies.

13.Maintain Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene give the long results in summer. Having a bath twice a day will help your skin to be clean and fresh. Use some essential oils in the bath water. It will refreshes your skin well.

14.Wear breathable Fabrics

If you want to tackle the heat then wear fabrics like cotton or light fabrics. Tight clothes make skin irritated and sweaty. Whenever possible wear a little loose clothes.

15.Protect your Pout

Although while protecting our skin in summers we always forgot to protect our lips. Lips to get tan and become black which is not good. Always use a lip balm which have spf in And also remember to apply it first before applying lipstick and wait for 2-3 minutes.

So these are some really effective tips to follow in summer and wear whatever you want to. These summer skin care tips will help you to gain a healthy skin too.
Follow these simple summer skin care tips and protect your skin from the harsh rays and heat of the sun. This will enhance the beauty of your skin too.

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