Types of shampoo: Are you using right shampoo for your hair

Using hair shampoo is very common thing. But very few people care about using right hair shampoo. Are you using right hair shampoo? Using hair shampoo according to your hair type is very important. There are various types of shampoo. So, this can be little tricky for you for the first time but it is one time struggle.

Types of Hair Shampoo

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Types of Hair Shampoo

These are few different types of shampoos that everyone should know about.

  • Volumizing shampoo
  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Straightening and smoothing
  • Alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo
  • Shampoo for colored hair

Volumizing Shampoo

This is first one from the list types of shampoo it is especially designed to open up the hair cuticle and make it thicker. However, in order to get your hair nice and fluffy look, try to pick a hair shampoo with a lightweight conditioning ingredient that rinses off well and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo simply roughen up the hair cuticle and gets the roots extra squeaky clean fresh look. This can be used when you feel that there is so much product buildup in your hair or before getting any chemical treatment done like coloring or perming.

Smoothing Shampoo

Smoothing shampoos are those hair shampoo that straighten and smooth the hair. Which usually contains silicone or oil in them to coat the hair strands. When the hair is styled with a straightener, the results are so amazing.

Shampoo for Colored Hair

If your hair is colored, I recommend to go for a hair shampoo specifically designed for color treated hair. Check the product’s pH level and ensure that it should be between 4.5-5.5 to prevent color from fading. Great hair products for dyed hair will also include ingredients like oils, sea kelp or algae, in order to lock in color into hair.

Alcohol and Sulfate-free Shampoo

Alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos are my favorite. Sulfates are detergents with very long names that we can’t even pronounce. As sulfate-based shampoos are great for cleaning oil and dirt from your hair, they can seriously dry out your hair and cause damage like split ends and roughness into hairs. Which leads to tangled hairs sometimes. We prefer things that are natural. Organic and sulfate-free hair products can lock in moisture and natural (good) oils of your hair. It will retain hair dye, and reduce scalp irritation also.

What is my hair type?

Whichever shampoo you choose, be sure that it’s right for your hair texture. If you choose a shampoo that’s too clarifying, your hair could lose its natural oils. Which will lead to additional oil being produced. If you choose a shampoo that’s too moisturizing, you could end up with product buildup at the scalp.

So knowing your hair type matters a lot. Is it dry or too oily or its normal? Your hair type oily or dry varies according to climate and your daily routine also. For example: While spending very good time on beach, everyone feels that dryness and roughness of hair, it happens because of humidity in the air.

If you are still feel that you are confuse about what type of hair you have, you can always consult your hair stylist for a recommendation.

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  1. It is very important to choose right shampoo according to the hair type. Alcohol and sulphate free shampoos are best..

  2. Prerna Sinha says:

    One should not keep on making use of different shampoos for hair. Coz it does effect your hair. Keep making use of home remedies for it.

  3. aishwarya says:

    This article has actually opened my eyes about what shampoo should I use for the kind of hair I have !

  4. Sangeeta says:

    It will be nice to see shampoos which don’t cover one area but more. Like volumizing and sulphate free at the same time.

  5. Oh this is a great list and I also agree in choosing shampoos according to our hair needs.

  6. Mrinal says:

    That’s was amazing! I had no idea about the uses of Different shampoos! Thanks for sharing 😍

  7. Reetuparna says:

    Wow. I’m loving how you detailed everything about shampoos. Sulphate free shampoos are my favorite too!

  8. Jhilmil says:

    Thanks for this guide, I never knew so much about choosing a shampoo. These days I have started using organic, keratin based shampoos.

  9. Wow this article is giving so much knowledge about shampoo, whivh i have never thought of, next time i will be more wise to choose shampoo

  10. Judy says:

    Thanks for simplifying about the variety of shampoo we have these days. I get confused every time while buying shampoo.

  11. Nidhi KM says:

    That’s a much needed article. I loved your post and feel more informed about my hair.

  12. It Is so important to choose the right shampoo according to our hair type. You think we should stick to one brand or we can change frequently?

  13. I am using Sulphute free shampoo but I was totally unaware that there is a particular shampoo for every hair type.

  14. It’s definitely very essential to choose the right shampoo

  15. Wow!! I never paid attention to all these details… definitely going to keep a check on my shampoos

  16. Danna Minten says:

    Perfect! I’ll be sharing this with my friend, they really need to read this.

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