15 Daily Habits Of Women with Beautiful Nails

Long, strong and Beautiful nails which are also perfectly shaped is the most happiest thing for almost all the women out there. But some women doesn’t get this happiness as they don’t know what type of habits are performed by the women who have so Beautiful nails. If you want to maintain the beauty of your hands and have beautiful nails , you should follow a specific nail care routine according to your need. Follow this amazing habits to have beautiful nails which you always desired.

Daily Habits Of Women With Beautiful Nails

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Daily Habits Of Women with Beautiful Nails

So, here are some daily habits of those women who have so Beautiful nails.

1.Clean hands 

Before doing anything be sure about your nails and the area around them is dirt free. Clean your hands as it is the first thing to get long, strong and shiny nails.

How you can do?

You can do this by scrubbing your hand twice a week as it removes the dead skin cells and exfoliate your hands.

2.Trim your nails

 Trim your nails after every two weeks. As we all know trimming hair helps in hair growth, it is same in the case of nails too.

How you can do?

By trimming your nails it will remove any breakage and make them smoother.

3.Health of nails

 If you love long nails but they break so easily then don’t grow them so long. Do focus on the health of nails and not it’s length.

How you can do?

If the health of your nails is good then you can maintain the good nails.

4.Clean tools

 Cleaning your nail care tools is as much important as cleaning your makeup brushes. If there is any sign of infection is present in your tools then it will spoil the health of nails.

How you can do?

Wash your tools with lukewarm water and soap. Let them dry. Do this once in every 15 days.

5.Care for cuticles

 Cuticles acts like protection to the nails. Cutting your cuticles means cutting the protection. Cuticles save nails from any type of bacteria and infection.

How you can do?

Use a gentle cuticle pusher once a week after shower and then use any cuticle cream or oil.

6.Never forget base coat

 Coloring your nails is like increasing the beauty of hands but forgetting the base coat is a curse. Base coat Is basically meant for protecting your nails from harmful chemicals used in nail paints.

How you can do?

So, don’t forget to apply base coat first before applying a coloured nail paint.

7.Using top coat

 To make sure your nail paint stays on for a good long period then first use a top coat after finishing the work of coloring your beautiful nails.

How you can do?

Always use top coat to make sure that nail paint is perfectly applied and make protection from damaging. It is as important as base coat.

8.Give break

 Giving break to nails means to be free from applying hard colour or strong colour nail paints. Colouring your nails with strong pigmented colors every time can harm the nails and nail health too.

How you can do?

Once a week remove the nail paint and massage nails with any nice cuticle cream to keep nails hydrate.


Moisturizing nails is equally important as moisturizing the body. It will leave the nails and cuticles soft and strong.

How you can do?

To moisturize the bails just take some cuticle cream and massage the nails and cuticles at night.

10.Oil massage 

Oil massage is very good source of moisturizing and also the cheap one. Just take some drops of almond oil or jojoba oil and massage it gently on your nails. It will make your nails strong and shiny.

How you can do?

You can also heat some mustard oil and dip your nails into it.


 Your nails are made of a protein called keratin. Eat food which is rich in vitamins and supplement like biotin, vitamin E, fish oils, beans, nuts, fish etc. for having Beautiful nails.

How you can do?

One thing is clear if your diet is healthy then your body will healthy. Try this Best foods for healthy nails .

12.Don’t bite

 Don’t bite your nails as they are not your favorite food to eat. Biting your nails make them weak. Rubbing your nails with each other can break them in near future.

How you can do?

Just don’t bite.

13.Manicure and pedicure

 Manicure and pedicure session are very important for your nails as they get a proper relaxing session. It will help in removing all the dirt and dead skin cells.

How you can do?

Go for a manicure and pedicure after every 1 or 2 months.

14.Hydration is must

 Drink at least eight glass of water everyday to hydrate your body. Drinking water also nourishes the nails too. To grow healthy and strong nails hydration is must. When nails are dehydrated then they tends to be more dry and prone to breakage.

How you can do?

Drink 6-8 glass of water everyday.

15.Protect them

Protection is must before anything else. Protect your nail while working as there are 90% chances that your bails will break. So, while working wear gloves or do that work with caution.

How you can do?

Be little careful about your nails while doing any daily basis work. That’s all you can do to protect them.


Use these tips and make your nails long, string and shiny. Also you will get appreciation from every other woman for your beautiful nails.

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  1. Amrita Basu (Misra) says:

    These are great tips for strong and beautiful nails

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    I have quite long nails but they bend very easily and are weak! These tips will really help me a lot

  3. Hena Jose says:

    Though I am not so particular about beautiful nails, but healthy one. Your tips like use moisturizer, oil are very helpful

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    Great tips to have beautiful nails, caring cuticles is really must in this regime.

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    After reading these 15 points I strongly feel the need to implement at least some of these. I hardly pay attention to my nails.

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    Care for cuticles is something most people overlook. Awesome tips

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    Thanks for such great tips! I loved the point of food items that keep our nails healthy.

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